gilmar lira

Shuttle App

A cool and interactive way for students to check the schedule for the university's shuttle service.

Web Design – concept, visual design and coding.

BART Infographics

Responsive website highlighting data about the San Francisco Bay transportation system, in a bold new way.

Advanced Web Design – concept, visual design and coding.

3D Lettering

Game-like experiment for 3D lettering.

Web + Typography – concept, visual design and coding.

Web Experiments

The result of my experiments with bleeding-edge HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Web Design – Concept, visual design and coding.


Futuristic user interface concept for an interplanetary travel control system.

Motion Graphic group project - video editing, animations.

The Hex Code

Basic tutorial for colors on the Web.

Group Web Project – concept and coding.

Museum of African Diaspora

New brand proposition for the SF based museum.

Visual Design – concept and branding.

Doce Sweet Shop

"Doce" means sweet in portuguese. It’s also my fictitious brand of “brigadeiro”, the most beloved brazilian sweet.

Visual & Web Design – concept, branding and coding.

A Rather Curious Individual

Passionate about design and technology, and I won't
rest until every pixel is perfect.

I absolutely love coding and design, and I mix both to create new and exciting things.

From fixing my neighbors computers, to the marketing department of a tech giant, I've always surrounded myself with as much computers as possible.

I also have a little bit of a background in graphic design. I believe that everything could benefit from design, in both aesthetics and thoughtful user experience, and in that sense computers are just one part of the major picture.

My current focus is web development, creating well crafted online interactive experiences. I'm also very interested in app development, and I plan to explore that in the near future.

I would love to hear from you

Please feel free to send me your comments, questions, or coffee invitations to: